Microsoft Keyboard Drivers Download

In our share libs contains the list of Microsoft Keyboard drivers available for download. To download the proper driver by vender name.

If not found in our garage driver you need, please contact us, we will help you in time, and updates to our website.

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HID Keyboard Device HID-compliant device Compaq Easy Access PS2 Internet Keyboard Standard PS/2 Keyboard Easy Internet Keyboard Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard Toshiba Flash Cards Support Driver Keyboard Device Filter QuickOn Button Dispositivo de teclado HID جهاز لوحة مفاتيح HID Microsoft eHome Remote Control Keyboard keys Microsoft eHome MCIR Keyboard Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Keyboard Launch Manager PS/2 Keyboard (106 Keys Ctrl+Caps) Standardtastatur (PS/2) Teclado PS/2 estándar Πλήκτρα πληκτρολογίου Microsoft eHome Remote Control Πληκτρολόγιο Microsoft eHome MCIR Πληκτρολόγιο Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Συσκευή πληκτρολογίου HID 표준 PS/2 키보드 Clavier standard PS/2 Japanese PS/2 Keyboard (106/109 Key) Standardní klávesnice PS/2 Standart PS/2 Klavye PC/AT-uitgebreid PS/2-toetsenbord (101/102 toetsen) PS/2 Keyboard PS/2 日本語キーボード (106/109 キー Ctrl+英数) Клавиатура HID HID-совместимое устройство 標準 101/102 鍵或 Microsoft Natural PS/2 鍵盤 PC/AT Enhanced PS/2 Keyboard (101/102-Key) Standard 101/102 Tuşlu ya da Microsoft Natural PS/2 Klavye HID-tangentbordsenhet Standardowa klawiatura PS/2 Urządzenie klawiatury HID Стандартная клавиатура PS/2 Teclado Padrão PS/2 HID-Tastatur Расширенная клавиатура PS/2 PC/AT (101/102 клавиши) Périphérique clavier PIH Τυπικό πληκτρολόγιο PS/2 Teclado PS/2 extendido para PC/AT (101/102 teclas) Tastiera PS/2 standard Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 (IntelliType Pro) DameWare Virtual Keyboard Emulation for Standard Keyboard Clavier PS/2 PC/AT étendu (101/102 touches) 標準 PS/2 鍵盤 Integrated PS/2 Keyboard Enhanced Multimedia PS/2 Keyboard Tastiera avanzata PC/AT PS/2 (101/102 tasti) Saitek Cyborg Keyboard (HID) HID Klavye Aygıtı HP PS2 Keyboard (2K - 20) PC/AT 101키 호환 키보드/USB 키보드(종류 1) HID 키보드 장치 Teclado USB SUPERGATE con puerto de mouse PS/2 HID-toetsenbordapparaat Standaard-PS/2-toetsenbord Szabványos PS/2 billentyűzet Microsoft eHome MCIR billentyűzet Microsoft eHome MCIR billentyűzet 109 billentyűvel HID billentyűzet eszköz Microsoft eHome távirányítós billentyűzet billentyűi HID キーボード デバイス Zařízení klávesnice standardu HID Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard (IntelliType Pro) 標準 PS/2 キーボード Microsoft eHome - клавиатура пульта дистанционного управления Microsoft eHome - клавиатура MCIR Microsoft eHome - клавиатура MCIR 109 Logitech HID-Compliant Keyboard Tastiera HID Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 (Mouse and Keyboard Center) 日本語 PS/2 キーボード (106/109 キー) 日本語 PS/2 キーボード (106/109 キー Ctrl+英数) Teclado Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Teclas do Teclado de Controle Remoto Microsoft eHome Teclado Microsoft eHome MCIR Razer DeathAdder 3.5G Microsoft eHome-Fernsteuerungstasten Microsoft eHome MCIR-Tastatur Microsoft eHome MCIR 109-Tastatur PC/AT エンハンス PS/2 キーボード(101/102 キー) NEC Note Keyboard with One-touch start buttons Logicool HID-compliant Unifying keyboard (106 keys) Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard (Mouse and Keyboard Center) Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Keyboard PenMount Keyboard Device Filter Driver Logitech HID-compliant Unifying keyboard PC/AT Geliştirilmiş PS/2 Klavye (101/102 Tuşlu) Tastiera Natural USB Microsoft Pro NEC 109 PS/2 Keyboard with One-touch start buttons Standard PS/2-tastatur Standardtangentbord - PS/2 Razer Cyclosa Razer Abyssus 1800 Enhanced Mulmedia PS/2 Keyboard 101/102 英語キーボードまたは Microsoft Natural PS/2 キーボード HID-tastaturenhed Teclas del Teclado de control remoto Microsoft eHome Erweiterte PC/AT-PS/2-Tastatur (101/102 Tasten) Preh PS/2 Keyboard PS/2-vakionäppäimistö Razer Lycosa Microsoft USB Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 (IntelliType Pro) PC/AT Enhanced PS/2 Keyboard (101/102 teclas) Office Keyboard Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Chipbond Media and Office Keyboard Tasti di tastiera controllo remoto Microsoft eHome Tastiera Microsoft eHome MCIR Tastiera Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Razer Naga Microsoft USB Digital Media Keyboard (IntelliType Pro) جهاز لوحة المفاتيح HID Quick Launch Buttons Microsoft eHome リモート制御キーボード キー Surface Touch Cover Filter Device Microsoft Wired Keyboard 400 (Mouse and Keyboard Center) Logicool HID-Compliant Keyboard Microsoft USB Office Keyboard (IntelliType Pro) USB Enhanced Performance Keyboard PC/AT PS/2 Keyboard (84-Key) Logicool HID-Compliant Keyboard (106 keys) Virtual Keyboard Touches de clavier de contrôle à distance Microsoft eHome Clavier MCIR Microsoft eHome Clavier 109 MCIR Microsoft eHome Razer DeathAdder Microsoft USB Digital Media Pro Keyboard (106/109) Easy Button Razer BlackWidow HID-Compliant Keyboard Clavier Internet USB Microsoft Keyboard Pro Ideazon USB Zboard Device مفاتيح‏ ‎Microsoft eHome Remote Control Keyboard Samsung USB Keyboard eclipse litetouch Keyboard (HID) Teclado padrão de 101 ou 102 teclas ou Microsoft Natural PS/2 Standard 101/102-Key ou Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard SUPERGATE USB Keyboard with PS/2 Mouse Port Klávesnice Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Klávesnice Microsoft eHome MCIR Media 7K2.0 Klávesy klávesnice Microsoft eHome Remote Control HID-tastaturenhet Razer Nostromo 한글 PS/2 키보드/USB 키보드(103/106키) Microsoft eHome Uzaktan Kumanda Klavye tuşları Microsoft eHome MCIR Klavye Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Klavye Remote Desktop Keyboard Device Razer Naga Epic NEC 0320 Device Driver Microsoft SideWinder X6 Keyboard (Mouse and Keyboard Center) Razer Arctosa API Generic USB K/B Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 (IntelliType Pro) Microsoft Wired Keyboard 400 (IntelliType Pro) SWTOR Gaming Mouse Dock by Razer PS/2 Keyboard (106 key) Razer DeathAdder 3.5G Black Keyboard Filter Driver PS/2 키보드/USB 키보드(103/106키) Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 (106/109) Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard (106/109) (IntelliType Pro) SUPERGATE USB клавиатура с портом мыши PS/2 PS/2 标准键盘 Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Keyboard (106/109) Razer Ouroboros Taster til Microsoft eHome Remote Control-tastatur Razer Orochi Bluetooth ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint מקשי Microsoft eHome Remote Control Keyboard Compaq PS2 Keyboard (2K - 3) Wireless Keyboard ENE Keyboard Controller Microsoft SideWinder X6 Keyboard (IntelliType Pro) Razer Diamondback Razer Naga Hex NEC 109 Japanese USB Keyboard Quanta Keyboard Filter Driver PS/2 Internet Compact Keyboard Zařízení klávesnice HID Microsoft eHome MCIR 109-toetsenbord Toetsen van Microsoft eHome Remote Control-toetsenbord Microsoft eHome MCIR-toetsenbord Easy Internet Keyboard (106 Key Ctrl+Caps) Teclas de Teclado de Controlo Remoto Microsoft eHome Lenovo ThinkPad PS/2 keyboard (106 Japanese key) Razer Orochi Cherry GmbH USB Keyboard NEC 109 Japanese USB Keyboard with Bus-Powered Hub Klawiatura Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Klawisze klawiatury Microsoft eHome Remote Control Keyboard Klawiatura Microsoft eHome MCIR Razer Abyssus Chicony USB Keyboard Multimedia Keyboard Razer Lachesis 5600 Microsoft USB Natural Keyboard Pro ASUS OSD PS/2 Keyboard Filter Driver Teclado PS/2 para PC/AT (84 teclas) Microsoft USB Digital Media Pro Keyboard (IntelliType Pro) Logitech PS/2 Keyboard Cherry GmbH-Tastatur (USB) Fujitsu 109 Japanese USB Keyboard SHARP eco Button PS/2 Keyboard Filter Lenovo ThinkPad PS/2 keyboard NEC IR Remote Controller Teclado de PC/AT PS/2 avançado (101/102 teclas) התקן מקלדת HID Microsoft USB Natural Keyboard Dell Enhanced QuietKey PS2 with DellTouch Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 (106/109) Razer Blade Microsoft USB Office Keyboard Fujitsu - Teclado USB 109 Japonês PS/2 Standard Keyboard Standard PS/2 101/102 Keyboard لوحة المفاتيح القياسية PS/2 PC/AT kibővített PS/2 billentyűzet (101/102 gombos) 標準 PS/2 101/102 キーボード Razer Marauder Razer Naga Epic Dock PC/AT udvidet PS/2-tastatur (101/102 taster) Teclado Virtual do Microsoft Hyper-V HP PS2 Keyboard (2K - 3) Lenovo Preferred Pro USB Fingerprint Keyboard Saitek Cyborg V.5 Keyboard (HID) USB KeyMaestro Multimedia Keyboard(Windows Vista x64) Razer Imperator Gaming Keyboard Razer Taipan Microsoft USB Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard (IntelliType Pro) Razer Anansi KB350e Klawiatura rozszerzona PC/AT PS/2 (101/102 klawisze) Japanese PS/2 Keyboard (106/109 Key Ctrl + Eisuu) Microsoft Keyboard Elite for Bluetooth (IntelliType Pro) Encassa CoDefender USB Keyboard Driver ThinkPad Tablet Keyboard and Buttons (101/102 Key) Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 (106/109) (IntelliType Pro) Cherry GmbH USB клавиатура Microsoft eHome -etäkauko-ohjaimen näppäimet Microsoft eHome MCIR -näppäimistö Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 -näppäimistö Japanische PS/2-Tastatur (106/109 Tasten) Vylepšená klávesnice PC/AT PS/2 (101/102 kláves) Rocketfish Bluetooth Combo Keyboard Logitech PS/2 Keyboard (106 Keys Ctrl+Caps) Teclado estándar de 101/102 teclas o Microsoft Natural PS/2 Microsoft SideWinder X6 Keyboard (106/109) (IntelliType Pro) SWTOR Gaming Keyboard by Razer Keyboard Filter PC/AT 101키 호환 키보드/USB 키보드(종류 3) Razer Mamba Razer Mamba Dock Toshiba USB 109 Japanese keyboard Encassa CoDefender PS2 Keyboard Driver NEC Wireless USB Keyboard with One-touch start buttons Microsoft eHome MCIR клавиатура Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 клавиатура Standardi PS/2-näppäimistö Klávesnice SUPERGATE USB s portem pro myš PS/2 Microsoft USB Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (106/109) 표준 PS/2 101/102 키보드 PC/AT 향상된 PS/2 키보드(101/102키) eclipse litetouch Wireless Keyboard (HID) SOTEC Japanese Keyboard (CKB10P) Microsoft USB Internet Keyboard Pro Microsoft USB Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 (106/109) Cherry GmbH USB-toetsenbord Razer TRON Keyboard USB KeyMaestro Multimedia Keyboard (Windows Vista x64) NEC 109 Japanese USB Keyboard with One-touch start buttons Razer DeathStalker Microsoft Hyper-V 仮想キーボード NEC Remote Controller ENE Keyboard KB-3886 Microsoft PS/2 Keyboard (IntelliType Pro) SlimStar 310 Keyboard PS2 KeyMaestro Multimedia Keyboard (x86) JDL 財務キーボード Logitech HID-compliant Unifying keyboard (106 keys) Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro (USB) Logicool HID-compliant Unifying keyboard Pluralinput Keyboard Microsoft eHome Remote Control Keyboard 키 SWTOR Gaming Mouse by Razer Surface Type Cover Saitek Eclipse Multimedia Keyboard (HID) Silitek USB Keyboard API Genel USB Klavye 标准 101/102 键或 Microsoft 自然 PS/2 键盘 Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 (106/109) Πληκτρολόγιο Enhanced PC/AT PS/2 (101/102 πλήκτρων) Standart 101/102 Tuşlu ya da Microsoft Natural PS/2 Klavye PC/XT PS/2 Keyboard (84 teclas) Teclado Padrão PS/2 101/102 PC/AT 향상된 PS/2 키보드 (101/102키) Tastiera Internet Pro USB Microsoft PS/2 Millennium Keyboard Clavier standard 101/102 touches ou Microsoft Natural PS/2 Standard 101/102Tuşlu ya da Microsoft Natural PS/2 Klavye Razer DeathStalker Ultimate Klávesnice Microsoft eHome Remote Control Key USB KeyMaestro Multimedia Keyboard(Windows Vista) SUPERGATE USB-billentyűzet PS/2 egérporttal Logicool HID-Compliant Keyboard (106 key Ctrl+Caps) Creative Prodikeys Chicony-Tastatur (USB) 101/102-tangenters eller Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard STSL USB Keyboard Logitech HID-Compliant Keyboard (106 keys) Клавиши клавиатуры Microsoft eHome Remote Control Клавиатура Microsoft eHome MCIR Клавиатура Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Microsoft USB Office Keyboard (106/109) Cherry PS/2 Keyboard Driver for CDI Microsoft USB Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard (106/109) Dell Enhanced Performance USB PC/AT PS/2 billentyűzet (84 gombos) Teclado PS/2 en japonés (106/109 teclas) Pluralinput Keyboard Японская клавиатура PS/2 (106/109 клавиш CTRL + Eisuu) Razer Orbweaver Cherry PS/2 Tastatur Treiber für CDI Dell Enhanced Quietkey 106/109 “ъ–{Њк PS/2 ѓLЃ[ѓ{Ѓ[ѓh Ideazon PS2 Zboard Pluralinput Keyboard 0.8.4 Dell Enhanced Quietkey 106/109 “๚–{Œ๊ PS/2 ƒL[ƒ{[ƒh Lenovo Numeric Access Numpad Surface Type Cover Filter Device Pluralinput Keyboard 0.8.6 API Ergo USB K/B Ideazon Usb Keyboard Device Πληκτρολόγιο τυπικό 101/102-πλήκτρων ή Microsoft Natural PS/2 SteelSeries Rival Intel(R) I/O xAPIC - 0009 SteelSeries PS2 Device SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] HP Wireless Comfort Desktop Keyboard Беспроводная клавиатура Microsoft USB Dual Receiver (106/109) Razer BlackWidow Chroma Samsung PS/2 Keyboard Razer Krait Πληκτρολόγιο Microsoft USB Office 원격 데스크톱 키보드 장치 Sejin USB Keyboard SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse Razer DeathAdder Chroma SteelSeries PS/2 Keyboard VM Additions PC/AT Enhanced PS/2 Keyboard Клавиатура PS/2 PC/AT (84 клавиши) Tastiera standard PS/2 Razer Tartarus リモート デスクトップ キーボード デバイス Mad Catz Cyborg V.5 Keyboard (HID) PS/2-Standardtastatur Microsoft Wired Keyboard 650 (Mouse and Keyboard Center) 日文 PS/2 鍵盤 (106/109 鍵) 远程桌面键盘设备 Standaard PS/2-toetsenbord Razer Naga Epic Chroma PC/AT laajennettu PS/2-näppäimistö (101/102-näppäiminen) PC/AT 增強型 PS/2 鍵盤 (101/102 鍵) Японская клавиатура PS/2 (106/109 клавиш) PC/AT Uitgebreid PS/2-toetsenbord (101/102 toetsen) 일본어 PS/2 키보드(106/109키) PC/AT エンハンス PS/2 キーボード (101/102 キー) Teclado USB Dual Receiver Wireless de Microsoft (106/109) 일본어 PS/2 키보드 (106/109키) Rozšířená klávesnice PC/AT PS/2 (101/102 kláves) Razer DeathAdder 1800 Microsoft Keyboard Elite for Bluetooth (106/109) Universal Mobile Keyboard Tastiera PS/2 avanzata PC/AT (101/102 tasti) Lenovo Keyboard Device Клавиатура удаленного рабочего стола Razer DeathStalker Chroma KYE HID-Compliant ErgoMedia Keyboard Klawiatura USB Cherry GmbH PC/AT utvidet PS/2-tastatur (101-/102-tasters) Клавіатура HID Intel keyboard filter for Mobile Utility Standart PS/2 101/102 Klavye Клавиатура для офиса Microsoft USB Pluralinput Keyboard 1.0 PC/AT 增强型 PS/2 键盘(101/102 键) Mad Catz V.5 Keyboard (HID) PC/XT PS/2 Keyboard (84-Key) Vylepšená klávesnice Compaq PS/2 Razer Firefly 标准 101/102-键或 Microsoft Natural PS/2 键盘 USB KeyMaestro Multimedia Keyboard (Windows Vista) Fujitsu 109 японская USB-клавиатура Japonská klávesnice PS/2 (106/109 kláves) Wireless Keyboard Filter Device Surface Pen Click Filter Monterey Mutimedia Keyboard Razer Naga Chroma Klávesnice SUPERGATE USB s portem myši PS/2 Razer Tartarus Chroma Microsoft eHome távirányítós billentyűzet gombjai Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 billentyűzet Périphérique clavier du Bureau à distance Logicool HID-Compliant Keyboard (106 key) PS/2 日语键盘(106/109 键,Ctrl + Eisuu) Standart keyboard + POSua keyboard or input device Razer BlackWidow X Chroma 遠端桌面鍵盤裝置 Microsoft Hyper-V 虚拟键盘 Razer Cynosa Pro